GUNNIO Indian sacks are made from jute. Jute is a relatively coarse fiber, durable and suitable for industrial applications. Sack cloth is coated with plastic on one side to make the cloth hard and hold its shape when used to produce various products. Sack cloth, besides being naturally brown, is also commonly bleached and dyed into various colors, but has not been received yet. As popular as natural colors And there are also fabrics that are woven between jute and cotton. Makes it have more patterns than normal sack cloth.
PRODUCT : Gunnio (Without Laminate)
WIDE : 48 Inch , 51 Inch
LENGTH : 110 Yard/Roll

PRODUCT : Gunnio (With Laminate)
WIDE : 46 Inch , 51 Inch
LENGTH : 110 Yard/Roll

กันนิโอ J260
PRODUCT : Gunio J260 (Without Laminate)
WIDE : 51 Inch
LENGTH : 110 Yard/Roll
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